Vitaly Naumkin explains to the interviewer how Russia thinks and formulates its foreign policy

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The “Al-Muqabala” program continued in its episode 30/1/2022 the dialogue of the great Russian orientalist Vitaly Naumkin, where he talked about the premises on which Russia’s foreign policies are based in the Asian environment in general.

Naumkin said – in the second part of his interview with “The Interview” – that one of the most prominent achievements of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russian foreign policy is the rise of the relationship with China to the highest possible level, the formation of a great strategic partnership, and making Russian-Chinese relations unparalleled.

He added that there are areas in which China is superior to Russia, especially economically, but there is a constant need for Russia because it is sometimes superior to it in technology, in space science, and in building defense systems and armed forces.

With regard to the Taliban movement, the chief Russian orientalist saw that Russia is dealing with the movement creatively, as negotiations between them lasted for 7 years and there was dialogue and attempts to understand each other, in preparation for Moscow to develop its relationship with the movement.

He pointed out that the most prominent mistakes committed by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan are interfering by force to determine the fate of the country, and not being convinced that the Afghan-Afghan conflict does not need to interfere in their internal affairs.

Relations with the Islamic world

Regarding relations with Muslims, Naumkin said that Russia, starting in 2006, began to deal creatively with all Islamic organizations, pointing out that Muslims in Russia live within the framework of the state in which Christians constitute a large majority, and therefore they constitute a minority and Moscow deals with them in particular.

And regarding its relationship with Turkey, the chief Russian orientalist said that there is no path to a clash between Russia and Turkey, because there is no room for confrontation, explaining that if Russia finds an appropriate way to reach an understanding in Syria, it can also copy threads of fruitful cooperation in Libya and the Middle East.

As for the Syrian file, he made it clear that Russia believes in the presence of an attack on Syria by external forces, and therefore it is keen to keep it in the country at a time when it was subjected to the most heinous attack by “terrorists”, as he described it, considering that without the Russian intervention, Syria would have turned into Emirate ruled by extremist groups.

Naumkin added that Syrian society is divided and experiencing internal conflict, and there is a percentage of it that supports President Bashar al-Assad and does not see the future of their country without his presence, considering that Russia played a key role in stopping the fighting and supporting the Assad regime.

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