What happens to the hair when washed? And how many times a week do you wash it?

The scalp is less exposed to dirt and pollution than facial skin.

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The question of how often to wash hair is one of the most common questions about personal hygiene, while experts stress that it depends on the type of hair.

Dermatologist Queen Kent confirms that having beautiful hair basically starts with maintaining the health of the scalp, explaining that there are many factors that cause scalp irritation, such as the use of hair dryers and dyes that contain chemicals, according to a report published by the magazine.Sante Plus(santeplusmag) French, by Patrick FN.

What is the effect of the shampoo?

There are many types of shampoos, but the main function of this product is to clean the hair and get rid of the dirt and sebum accumulated on the scalp. Each type of hair has a special shampoo that suits its nature, so care must be taken to choose the right product.

Also, be careful with some products, because the preservatives contained in them may cause allergic reactions and eczema.

What happens to the hair when washed?

Kent says massaging the scalp when washing hair can boost “sebum” (sebum) production. In the short term, you may think you’ve gotten rid of oil, but the sebaceous glands are making more sebum, which covers the scalp and the rest of the hair.

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

And the specialist Vanessa Gianni explains that frequent washing of hair may lead to dry scalp and cause itching, and excessive use of shampoo can lead to an increase in hair fat, especially if it is light. Gianni stresses that how often you wash your hair depends on the type of hair.

The ideal washing rate for each type

Expert Catherine Chauvin says that the scalp is less exposed to dirt and pollution than the facial skin, explaining that the frequency of shampoo use depends on the type of hair and the lifestyle of each individual.

An oily scalp requires more frequent washing to get rid of the sebum, as the sebaceous glands in the scalp produce a lot of sebum, affecting the appearance of hair that looks remarkably greasy.

Also, this type of hair is more susceptible to dandruff, so Gianni recommends washing it regularly.

On the other hand, Gianni stresses that normal hair does not require the same amount of care, as it only needs to be washed with shampoo twice a week, with the use of conditioner to moisturize it and maintain its health.

For dry hair, Gianni recommends washing it once or twice a week maximum, using a moisturizing shampoo, and applying a nourishing conditioner daily.

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