Why do men feel dissatisfied in the seventh year of marriage?

Most couples decide to separate in the seventh year when the couple may discover a number of differences and crises.

Many people think that the first year of marriage is the most difficult, but some psychologists say that the seventh year of marriage is characterized by turbulent feelings and the desire to separate. It can be overcome.

The seventh year crisis is not accurate

The seventh year crisis is one of the biggest fears of happy couples at the beginning of their lives. Marriages fail for many reasons, but the idea that one or both parties will suddenly want to separate in the seventh year is not entirely accurate.

Psychologist William Doherty said, “The List” (The list), that there is nothing magical about the seven years of marriage, except that most couples decide to separate in the seventh year when the spouses may discover a number of differences and crises realistically.

A man usually feels that every child is delaying his position with his wife (pixels).

Marriage falters because of realism

Clinical psychiatrist Joseph Silona says that many married couples experience feelings of dissatisfaction and complete happiness in their marriage after the honeymoon period, and these feelings tend to increase within 2 to 7 years of marriage.

Children complicate things

After 7 years of marriage, the spouses are supposed to have had children, and in parallel the level of marital satisfaction decreases with the birth of each child, so that the man usually feels that each child delays his status with his wife. While motherhood becomes the priority for wives, the husband feels emotional emptiness.

Crisis occurs at all stages

Marriage and family specialist Leslie Douris points out that the so-called “seven-year itching” can occur at any stage of marriage, especially if the couple has children, as the effect of children on marriage is the reason behind the basic separation, because it is a feeling that stems from Responsibility and diminished intimacy.

Clinical psychologist Frank Bateman said in an interview with the newspaper “Los Angeles Times” (LATimes), “If you feel attracted to someone else, get closer to your spouse, and make the relationship more intimate and more connected.”

Turning points in marriage, Pittman said, are the times when a change in relationship pattern is required, the same times when couples are most at risk of infidelity, divorce or emotional separation from a partner.

The constant peaceful quarrel between spouses is evidence of loveTurning points in a marriage are the times when a change in relationship pattern is required (Getty Images)

Crises after the seventh year

For couples who survived the seven-year crisis, Bateman warns that another crisis is imminent, putting the stability of the spouses at risk, such as children attending school, children approaching adolescence, career peaks, career and possibly financial crises, or the death of a parent, feeling old and beginning Planning for the future.

He continued that infidelity is attempts to escape from problems, and spouses must fight every day not to win, but to understand each other better.

Usually, within 7 years, couples decide to step up their commitment and have children, psychiatrist Michelle Davis said, and this is where friendship breaks out of marriage and conflict arises.

She added that some couples reported that they were not satisfied with their marriage, but after 5 years 86% said they were satisfied with their marriage, it is really about overcoming the marital storms.

Marriage offers tips for surviving a 7-year marriage crisis:

Explore new excitement

After a couple have known each other for more than 7 years, they should try something new to maintain attraction to each other. If they are both tired of marriage and current life, why not explore a new way to connect like remembering their most romantic past moments?

Marital dependency Husbands wives (pixels)Emotional communication between spouses is very important, a compliment or a gentle smile may be better than any gift (pixels)

emotional connection

Besides physical contact, emotional communication is also important. Sometimes just a compliment, a smile, and a kind word is better than any gift.

Example: If you find that your wife is doing the housework, you can offer to share and lend a helping hand, or if you find that your husband is busy with work tasks, you can bring him a cup of hot tea, even gentle greetings when going to work and back from work can make a difference in Reclaim lost emotion.

Leave a private space

Marriage is a mixture of life and feelings, if you restrict the work or life of your wife or husband excessively, or contribute to limiting your partner’s freedom, you may start at the first steps of misunderstanding and mistrust, which will lead to a quarrel in the end.

On the contrary, respecting each other’s private space can increase awareness and sophistication between you.

Increase sense of humor

Since life is not easy, sometimes physical and psychological burdens may explode in the family, and become the root of the fight between spouses, usually intelligent humor can ease such burdens and resolve family conflicts.

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