With the drums of war beating between his country and Russia, why does the Ukrainian president call for “not to panic”?

The strangeness of Zelensky’s statements lies in the fact that he is unique in this position, at a time when Ukrainian ministries and agencies are racing against time to obtain Western aid and prepare for war, by calling in reserves, launching maneuvers and training volunteers.

Kiev- Remarkable – and perhaps strange – statements recently made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling on “some countries” not to “excessively spread panic” about the possibility of Russia launching war on his country.

Zelensky’s calls carry overt messages internally, and implicitly abroad in the world of the West, especially to the United States and Britain, which top the list of warnings of an “imminent war”.

The meaning of these messages – according to observers – is that things have not yet reached the real risk of an invasion or a possible imminent war; And that the West, which is buzzing with talk of warnings about it, is practically pushing its words to war, but it will not defend Ukraine if it actually occurs.

Lethal American weapons provided by the United States to Ukraine in anticipation of any Russian invasion (Reuters)

As they arm themselves and prepare for war

But the strangeness of Zelensky’s statements lies in his uniqueness in this position, at a time when Ukrainian ministries and agencies are racing against time to obtain Western aid and prepare for war, by calling in reserves, launching maneuvers and training volunteers.

It also comes at a time when Ukraine is getting large quantities of American and British “lethal weapons”, which it has always demanded without result in times of relative peace; At a time when NATO forces are deployed in Eastern Europe, in anticipation of any Russian advance.

It also comes at a time when US and British intelligence revealed that plans to “invade Ukraine” are on the table of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and are expected in mid-February.

Safety valve or isolated from reality?

Zelensky himself answers the question of what prompts him to make this statement, stressing, after a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, that “the situations related to the current crisis, the energy sector, and even the spread of the Corona virus, are under control, and there is no need for panic among the population.”

The answer of the Ukrainian president divides the Ukrainians between those who find in their president a safety valve, which succeeds – to some extent – in reassuring the inside and investors, and the stability of the economic situation, and others who oppose, who see him as “isolated” from reality; Or he thinks about what limits the decline of his popularity in front of his opponents, more than thinking about the dangers of war. Communication sites have become an open arena between those and those for controversy.

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, says on a television talk show that “panic will not help us…, even if war is declared,” asking: “What calm is Zelensky talking about, and the whole world sees Russia’s military movements on the border, about 200 kilometers away? Only from Kiev?!”

He adds: “It is certain that Putin did not spread his strategic weapons on our borders to expose them to the sun and wind for fear of dampness. Rather, to threaten us and the pro-Western threat. This is a dangerous and unprecedented fact.”

From a different angle, the General of the Ukrainian Army, Yuri Halushkin, looks at him and says, in an interview with the newspaper “Al-Ahdath” (Fakty): “We were not afraid in 2014, so why should we be afraid now?”

The commander of the Regional Defense Forces explains, “Our duty is to reassure civilians before protecting them. We have enough forces and will to repel the aggressor, and we can change his plans. The Russians are monitoring the formation of our units, and they are well aware that this will greatly affect their combat capabilities,” he said.

Civilians Continue Combat Training With Kyiv Territorial Defence UnitsCivilians continue combat training with regional defense units in Kiev (Getty)

“Do not frighten the people, do not deceive them.”

Among the warnings and calls for reassurance, remarkable views emerge, from outside the box of the authority and the opposition, which almost unify the importance of Ukrainians in the image of reality, as it is.

“Yes, panic is destroying us from within, and President Zelensky should stop talking to people like children, and put them in the picture of reality as adults. The whole world is in panic and anxiety, and this is the real picture,” says Serhii Forsa, a writer specializing in banking and investment affairs.

Forsa adds to Al Jazeera Net, asking: “Who should the Ukrainians trust? US and British intelligence, or the statements of Ukrainian politicians?”

According to him, the statements and actions of Ukrainian politicians bear serious contradictions, “and Zelensky himself, who calls for reassurance, and is preparing for barbecue trips in May, warned of the possibility of Russia seeking to control the Kharkiv region in the east of the country!”

“This makes the Ukrainian feel deceived, or his country’s authorities are not qualified to deal with such issues. We need to strengthen confidence in these circumstances to fortify the interior; trust is built on credibility, not on suspicion,” the expert said.

According to him, “Ukrainian society is united and experienced, and is not ready to accept surrender; this explains its actually calm even today. The only thing that worries society is whether the authorities really realize the dangers.”

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