Witness- An illegal goal and a correct penalty.. The referee “oppresses” Tunisia against Burkina Faso

Once again, the Tunisian national team had a date with controversial arbitration cases in the African Nations Cup, from which it was eliminated from the quarter-finals by the Burkina Faso team.

The loss with a clean goal in yesterday’s confrontation would have gone unnoticed, had it not been for the repeated mistakes of the Botswana referee, Joshua Bondo, who “wronged” the Tunisian team, according to former international referee Jamal Al-Ghandour, arbitration expert on “BN Sport” channels. Al-Ghandour refuted the arbitral cases in which the referee “prejudiced” On the “Carthage Eagles” and affected the outcome of the match, namely:

  • In added time of the match, Dango Ouattara scored the winning goal for his country, which gave them qualification for the semi-finals, but replays showed that the ball touched Ouattara’s hand before he scored the goal. Al-Ghandour says that the goal should be canceled because, according to the law, when the ball hits the hand of the attacker and then himself scores the goal, it is canceled even if the touch was unintentional.
  • Another controversial case came in the 76th minute, when Tunisia striker Wahbi Khazri penetrated the Burkinabe penalty area, but the defender reached the ball before Khazri and scattered it, but he hit Khazri hard. The Tunisian players demanded a penalty kick, and the referee of the Moroccan mouse, Radwan Gaid, called the referee Bondo to review the screen, but he insisted on his decision and refused to grant a penalty kick to Tunisia on the pretext that the defender played the ball first, but the referee Al-Ghandour insists that it is a penalty because it is a reckless game, and he committed Burkinabe defender foul with a high foot after deflecting the ball.
  • For the second time in this tournament, a match for the Tunisian team ends before its scheduled time, and the first was an arbitration scandal in its loss to Mali, and the other yesterday, when the referee suddenly decided to end the match 20 seconds before the end of the stoppage time, which the referee Bondi himself estimated at 4 minutes.

The referee Al-Ghandour also mentioned the expulsion of Dango, who hit the Tunisian back Ali Maaloul with his elbow in a joint ball, knowing that the referee had warned Dango before the mouse referee summoned him to review the matter, which prompted him to modify his decision and expel the player.

The Burkinabe team will meet in the semi-finals with the winner of the confrontation between Senegal and Equatorial Guinea tonight.

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