After a dispute with the head of the apparatus, the resignation of a senior official in the Israeli Mossad

An Israeli news station said that a senior official in the intelligence service (Mossad) submitted his resignation from his position, after disagreements with the head of the agency, David Barnea.

News Channel 13 said that the commander of the “Caesaria” unit responsible for special operations in the Mossad had submitted his resignation due to differences of opinion with the head of the Mossad.

The names of the officials and agents of the Mossad are not disclosed, because of their secret work; But the station assigned the resigning commander a “B” code.

“Given the difficulty of employing Israeli agents in countries around the world, Mossad chief Barnea called the commander of Special Unit B and told him that he intended to make very big changes in the way the division operates,” she added.

And she continued, “Later, after Barnea realized that the commander of Unit B had not implemented the necessary changes, a charged meeting took place between the two, in which the Mossad chief criticized the division chief and his senior officials, saying: You have turned into a burden on the apparatus, and we are obligated to make the changes.”

And the Israeli station added, “After the conversation, (B) resigned from his position, then his deputy, along with a number of clients, resigned.”

Station 13 stated that Barnea appointed a new commander in place of “B”, and obtained the green light to restructure the unit in question, and “re-arrange its employees in light of technological development.”

The Mossad is an intelligence agency that specializes in operating outside Israel.

And last November, Israeli media said that 3 senior Mossad officials had submitted their resignations from the agency, after differences of opinion with Barnea.

Barnea took office in the middle of last year.

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