Algerian Foreign Minister: The path of Palestinian reconciliation has begun, and we are optimistic about the results

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra, whose country announced last month that it would host Palestinian talks, said that the process of reconciliation between Palestinian factions “has begun.”

At a press conference in Kuwait, today, Monday, he explained to Amamra that “the path of Palestinian reconciliation has begun, and Algeria has a long experience in Palestinian reunification.”

And the Algerian Foreign Minister expressed optimism about Palestinian reconciliation, even though they are “at the beginning of the journey,” as he put it.

Several Arab countries, including Egypt, tried without success to achieve reconciliation between the Fatah movement led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which opposes any negotiations with Israel.

The Algerian foreign minister added, “Our efforts are aimed at making the Palestinian side participating in the Arab summit (hosted by Algeria and the date has not been set yet) speak with a voice that expresses all the factions.”

No general Palestinian elections have been held for 16 years due to the state of division between the factions.

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