“Beijing 2022″… Huge preparations amid Corona’s concerns and political calculations

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This week, China lights the torch of the “Beijing 2022” Winter Olympics, and despite its great preparations, this sporting event has been overshadowed by several concerns, including the Corona virus, political calculations and human rights.

Logistically, China has put all its scientific and technological weight to make the session a success, revealing a world of robots to facilitate the delegations’ task and provide services in the fastest and most efficient way. It also confirms that it provided the conditions for a cycle without the obsession of Corona, condensing messages of welcome and reassurance, erasing the stereotyped image of the country that was the first origin of the virus.

An episode (31/01/2022) of the “Al-Marsad” program focused on Chinese preparations to host the sports tournament, as Beijing – at the health level – was keen to organize the tournament without the presence of the audience, and recently intensified press conferences to explain the prescribed precautionary measures To tackle the pandemic and protect participants.

News agencies broadcast video reports showing the development of modern robots to serve meals automatically and reduce mixing between participants, in addition to allocating a huge media center equipped with the latest technologies to keep pace with the Olympic Games competitions.

However, these huge preparations did not prevent China from being placed under the microscope of international organizations concerned with freedom of press and expression. A few weeks before the start of the session, the International Committee to Protect Journalists circulated a brochure for journalists and correspondents participating in covering the session, in which it indicated its fear that they would not be able to perform their work. freedom and the possibility of facing challenges, including digital censorship and controls imposed due to the pandemic.

Politics disturb the session

Politics also attended before the start of sports competitions, as the United States of America had previously confirmed at the end of last year its diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022, and that its delegation would be limited to athletes and technical staff.

Washington later asked the members of its delegation not to take their electronic devices and smart phones and to replace them with temporary phones, provided that they get rid of them after the end of the course, for fear of being hacked by China.

The specter of international tension was also present against the backdrop of the Ukraine crisis, as a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow expects political and perhaps military provocations on the border with Ukraine by the Americans and the Kiev government.

This came in light of news that the Chinese president asked his Russian counterpart not to invade Ukraine during the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

It is noteworthy that the episode of the “Al-Marsad” program also touched on various topics, including the issue of the ceremony held by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which shook the political and media circles in Britain these days, and the story of the struggle of Jerusalemites, Hajja Nafisa Khweis, stationed for the sake of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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