“Dima Maghreb” .. Ashraf Hakimi in Arabic: It is very difficult to accept the bitterness of exclusion from the nations of Africa

It seems that the exclusion of the Moroccan team from the quarter-finals of the African Nations Cup was very harsh on star Achraf Hakimi, the back of Paris Saint-Germain, who performed exceptionally in the competition.

It was clear that the player was affected after the 1-2 loss to Egypt in the African World Cup quarter-finals, and even the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah tried to console him and raise his morale.

Salah consoles Hakimi after Morocco lost 1-2 in the African Nations quarter-finals (Anatolia)

After the dust settled in the football battle between the two brotherly teams, Hakimi published a series of photos on his official account on “Instagram” and attached them to an influential comment in Arabic that said, “I am very proud of the group’s fight in the African Cup, it is very difficult to accept the bitterness of exclusion, but we will continue the struggle for your satisfaction and achieving Results match your expectations. Now we need your support more than ever to secure a place in the World Cup, Dima Maghreb.”

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