Linking the land and man to the nation.. A global program to support the Palestinian prisoners and prisoners

The head of the Turkish “Pioneers of Jerusalem” Foundation, Muharram Konc, summarizes the priorities of workers for Palestine in the current stage by supporting the steadfastness of Jerusalemites, setting mechanisms for the liberation process, and enabling knowledge of Palestine as a basic need for the success of any work for it.

Istanbul- Palestinian and international activists seek to focus their efforts in the current year 2022 on the issues of Jerusalem and the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, through an action program launched by the global coalition in support of Jerusalem and Palestine under the title “The Year of Prisoners and Prisoners”.

The project focuses on unifying the efforts of workers in various projects aimed at serving the Palestinian land and people, foremost of which are the rehabilitation projects for 100 full-time pioneers specialized in working for Palestine in the Islamic world, as well as the launch of the “Jerusalem chanter” project, which is supervised by the Syrian vocalist Muhammad Abu Ratib.

The coalition seeks to consolidate the files of Jerusalem and the prisoners in all the programs of its partner coalitions; As a coalition of women, youth, scouts and professional unions, as well as a central program in resisting normalization.

The leaders of the coalition and Arab and Turkish activists, in an event they launched in Istanbul last Saturday, expressed their hope that the project would receive the necessary support and backing from the Islamic nation for the issues of Jerusalem and the prisoners in the occupation prisons.

Munir Saeed foresees great potential for developing global action in defense of Jerusalem and the prisoners (Al-Jazeera)

Editorial Foresight

The Secretary-General of the International Coalition to Support Al-Quds and Palestine, Munir Saeed, anticipates great potentials for developing global action in defense of Jerusalem and its prisoners, with anticipation that 2022 will be the year of the beginning of the liberation of Palestinian land and people.

Saeed said that many indications of the beginning of the disintegration of the “Zionist project” began to appear despite the weakness of the Islamic nation and its difficult circumstances.

The Secretary-General of the coalition believes that the success and steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance in defeating the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip in the war dubbed “The Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem” are the most important indicators of that.

The Palestinian leader explained to Al Jazeera Net that Israel’s inability at the height of its power to break the Palestinians in their most vulnerable stage indicates the possibility of defeating the occupation with any change in international balances.

*** For internal use only *** Turkey Khalil Mabrouk - Muharram Konc, President of the Turkish Pioneers of Jerusalem Foundation - Photo credit Khalil Mabrouk during a meeting with Konc on the sidelines of the event to declare 2022 the year of captives and captivesMuharrem Konc, President of the Turkish Pioneers of Jerusalem Foundation (Al-Jazeera)

The needs of prisoners and captives

Saeed believes that the Islamic nation loves Palestine and is linked to its cause and mobilizes to work in its various files, such as the files of prisoners and detainees, but it needs to first raise awareness of the importance of these two files.

According to Saeed, the coalition plays a key role in raising awareness of the Palestinian cause by broadcasting Jerusalem knowledge projects, and the industry of pioneers working for the cause of Jerusalem and the prisoners, in an interwoven effort in which the various sectors of work in the Islamic world converge to work for Palestine.

The head of the Turkish “Pioneers of Jerusalem” Foundation, Muharram Konc, summarizes the priorities of workers for Palestine in the current stage by supporting the steadfastness of Jerusalemites and setting mechanisms for the liberation process, noting that empowering knowledge of Palestine is the basic need for the success of any work for it.

In his speech to Al Jazeera Net, he points out that empowering knowledge in the Palestinian issue among the various segments of the nation and its professional components is the basis for unifying their efforts to work for Palestine.

Konsh said that the specificity of the Jerusalem and prisoners’ files lies in their connection with the sentiments of the sons of the Islamic nation, which expressed its support for Palestine after the battle of the “Sword of Jerusalem,” because of its connection to the Holy City, its land, its people, and its prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The Turkish activist in support of the Palestinian cause spoke of the growing feeling in the Islamic world of the imminence of the liberation of Palestine, explaining that the goal of linking the files of prisoners and prisoners together lies in unifying the connection of the nation with the files of the Palestinian people and land.

wide post

The launch of the “Year of Prisoners and Prisoners” program received wide Arab and Turkish attention, as Yemeni parliamentarian and leader Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar stressed – during a speech at the event – the need to break the “scramble path towards normalization with the occupation” by taking advantage of the consensus of Arab and Islamic peoples on the issue of Palestine.

As for the head of the Palestine Scholars Association, Nawaf Al-Takuri, he considered – in his speech – that liberating male and female prisoners and saving Jerusalem from the occupation is the liberation of the nation itself, indicating that the survival of Palestine under occupation is an affront to the Islamic world.

The head of the international youth forum “Al-Quds Amanti”, the Algerian activist, Amer Wahhab, linked the fate of the Palestine revolution to the victory of the Algerian revolution over the French colonialists. He said that revolutions win when everyone participates in them and their supporters work in all fields of work to support them politically, in the media, diplomatically and financially.

The released prisoner, Mahmoud Al-Mardawi, called for raising the ceiling of the demands of these activitiesThe liberated prisoner Mahmoud Mardawi called on the Islamic nation to defend the Palestinian prisoners and detainees (Al-Jazeera)

The reality of the prisoners

The event of the “Al-Masri and the Prisoners” year shed light on the reality of the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the occupation, where the released prisoner Mahmoud Mardawi from the “Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies” called on the nation to stand in defense of the prisoners and the captives.

Mardawi said that the Palestinian people are in dire need today to defend Jerusalem in light of the betrayal and normalization of some regimes. Since the beginning of the conflict with the occupation, the martyrs and wounded and more than 1.2 million prisoners have been provided.

Mardawi indicated that the occupation is currently holding 4,600 prisoners in its prisons, of whom 102 have spent more than 20 years in prison, and 14 prisoners are over 30 years old.

In the event, data and statistics related to the reality of prisoners in the occupation prisons and their symbols were presented, such as Karim Younis, who has been detained since 1983, Nael Barghouti, one of the editors of the “Wafa Al-Ahrar” deal, whom Israel re-arrested, and who spent a total of more than 40 years in captivity, and the detained Jerusalemite journalist. Since 1993, Mahmoud Issa, and others sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to the data, Israel is detaining 34 Palestinian female prisoners, of whom the highest prison sentence is Shurooq Dwaiyat from Nablus, who is sentenced to 16 years in prison, and has been detained since 2015.

The data also showed that Israel is detaining 170 children under the age of 18, of whom 105 have been convicted and the rest are awaiting trials.

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