The first in the Arab world and the 24th globally.. Qatar enhances its food security

Doha In recent years, the issue of food security has occupied the top priority in the State of Qatar, as it is a cornerstone of the security and economic independence of the state and an important pillar for securing needs and ensuring the continuation of a decent life for its people, generation after generation.

The efforts of Qatar, which is interested in food security, and aims to achieve the advancement of the food production sectors, culminated in it ranking first in the Arab countries, and 24th globally in the World Food Security Index for the year 2021.

According to the report issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit of the British Economist magazine, Qatar jumped 13 places globally, and came 24th globally in the list of 113 countries, after it was 37th in the year edition. 2020.

tough challenges

The report confirmed that the state of food security in the State of Qatar has improved a lot, noting that despite the significant increase in food prices worldwide due to the Corona pandemic, prices in Qatar have remained relatively stable due to the presence of prior emergency plans and the existence of support programs for citizens.

The Global Food Security Index is based on a set of criteria, most notably the ability of the consumer to bear the cost of food, food availability, food quality and safety, the diversity of the food system, agricultural infrastructure and GDP per capita, the ease of providing financing to farmers, spending on agriculture, and supply rates compared to demand levels. .

Director of the Food Security Department at the Ministry of Municipality, Dr. Masoud Jarallah Al-Marri, says that the State of Qatar has jumped 13 places at the global level, despite the difficulties and challenges faced by the country during the years 2017-2021, as well as the harsh climatic and environmental conditions it faces.

Al-Marri explained, in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, that the global food security index emphasizes the strengths of each country and indicates the points and parts that need improvement and that are taken into account.

Al-Marri: Qatar has established a fund to sponsor agricultural and food research (Qatari Press)

Modern techniques

Al-Marri pointed out that Qatar’s attainment of this advanced rank in the Global Food Security Index for 2021 is due to the implementation of procedures and policies and the implementation of the National Food Security Strategy, pointing out that Qatar has invested heavily in food and agricultural policies, infrastructure, market updates, ports and storage reserves, and increased interest in in the field of food security research and established a fund to sponsor agricultural and food research.

Al-Marri stressed that although Qatar has achieved tangible steps in the field of food security, it aspires to reach high levels and seek to develop other areas related to the issue of food security.

The Director of the Food Security Department at the Ministry of Municipality of Qatar pointed out that in light of the challenges related to food security such as climate change and high temperature, there is a tendency to support modern technologies in agriculture in order to overcome the impact of climate change and the ability to produce in the summer, which contributes to increasing local production and overcoming One of the weaknesses of agricultural production is limited only to the spring season.

He also noted that Qatar has significantly developed food markets and agricultural yards, expanded and modernized the logistical infrastructure in the country’s ports and warehouses, established strategic storage reserves of wheat and rice, and increased reserve stocks for a wide range of basic foodstuffs in the country’s retail stores, with an increase Public expenditures on agricultural research through the Qatar National Food Security Research Funding Program.

Hassad Company ReportQatar supports the trend for modern technologies in agriculture (Al-Jazeera)

strong will

He also stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Municipality – in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities – to continuously improve the state of food security for the State of Qatar and the increasing classifications in the following releases in the Global Food Security Index, by reducing food loss and waste in the supply chain, improving production capacity and encouraging production throughout the year. To deal with the critical summer months and adopt production methods that are compatible with the Qatari environment.

For his part, Qatari economist Abdullah Al-Khater says that a country ranked first in the Arab world, and 24th globally in the Global Food Security Index for 2021, is evidence of the strong will of Qatar, especially in light of the difficult conditions surrounding food security in the Gulf region, such as water scarcity. The ruggedness of the soil and the high temperature of the weather, describing it as an unprecedented and exceptional achievement.

In a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Khater praised the Qatari endeavor to reach this level of food security that enabled it to face conditions and overcome crises during the past few years.

Qatari economist Abdullah Al-KhaterAl-Khater stressed that enhancing Qatar’s food security has made it more independent (Al-Jazeera)

The economist believes that Qatar’s gains from enhancing its food security far exceed economic gains, explaining that in addition to the great state of reassurance from the state of food security, Qatar’s obtaining this advanced rank in the global food security index is a clear indication that no one can exploit security Food bargaining chip or exercise pressure.

He pointed out that Qatar’s ability to enhance its food security has earned it more independence and the ability to make decisions, whether at home or abroad, in addition to this being a good indicator of the economy and the country’s ability to achieve its visions.

Al-Khater stressed that what Qatar has reached from this level in the field of food security confirms that it has prepared well for the future after it was able to overcome obstacles and difficulties in the past, pointing out that its leadership in the region in the field of food security is behind the appreciated efforts of decision-makers, vision-makers and executive plans.

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