A railway project linking Iraq with 10 Saudi cities..and this is a condition for its implementation

Today, Tuesday, the Saudi Ministry of Transport and Logistics revealed a project linking 10 cities with Iraq, and set a condition for the implementation of the project between the two countries.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry, Louay Mashabi, told the Iraqi News Agency (Iraqi News Agency).conscious) There is a clear order and directive from the Saudi leadership to consider opening other ports in addition to the Arar road, including Al-Jumaymah, and it is possible for a railway by linking Hafr Al-Batin with Basra via a railway linking Riyadh and Al-Qassim within the Kingdom, linking the east with the west, passing through Yanbu and the King’s Port Abdullah, the city of Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail and Ras al-Khair, indicating that this project is proposed and implemented by the private sector and is ready for that.

And Mashabi indicated that “this project will connect 10 cities in Saudi Arabia that will reach Basra without the need to establish a human port, and a station for it will be in Basra and Hafr Al-Batin, and customs between the two parties are following up on that,” stressing that “if the numbers improve in the commercial volume between the two countries through Arar, it is possible to go to the construction of the railway.

Mashabi confirmed that the Arar port between Saudi Arabia and Iraq is still far from the hoped-for ambition (communication sites)

Historical links

The Saudi official stressed the existence of “a great desire to cooperate with Iraq because there are great ties between the two countries, including those of neighborhood, language, history, kinship and others,” noting that “we opened a new port, which is Arar, which we expected to have a great tributary to the trade movement between the two countries, but this was not achieved and is far from hopeful ambition.

He continued, “There are still some challenges that government agencies cannot solve and that the private sector must solve,” explaining that “the Iraqi-Saudi Business Council is working to establish companies specialized in transportation between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, where direct exchange is allowed and not through the Mubadala area, which takes a long time. And the cost is greater because most of the goods are refrigerated and cannot be taken out in an open yard and is not correct, and in all cases we need to enter the goods directly.”

He stressed that “before the end of the current year, there will be an economic deposit area within the borders of the port with refrigerated warehouses, as this matter will give Saudi trucks speed in unloading the shipment and the Iraqi driver will come to take it faster,” and pointed out that “there are several things we agreed on with the Iraqi side with great cooperation. On completion and we are waiting for it, such as attesting the certificate of origin, which must be from the embassies, and many factories are not in Riyadh, so the merchant is forced to come and then go to the port and this costs a lot of effort and time, so the Iraqi side agreed that the certification should be from the port But it was not implemented, and it was promised to work on it.”

The Arar crossing between Saudi Arabia and Iraq was reopened in November 2020, after a 30-year closure.

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