After describing him as personalities, what happened between Muhammad Sobhi and Turki Al-Sheikh? How did the platforms interact?

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A tweet by Egyptian artist Mohamed Sobhi on his official page about Saudi Arabia sparked controversy on social media platforms, prompting the head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, to respond to it, and the situation developed until a Saudi prince intervened in the responses.

The eighth bulletin – your publication (1/2/2022) monitored the interaction on the platforms after the controversy caused by Sobhi’s publication, where the names “Subhi” and “My Characters” appeared in the responses.

Sobhi wrote, “Saudi Arabia is a sister country, and throughout our lives we hope and dream that it will have an artistic awakening after a long period of closure, and all I hope in the future is to take into account the content, and to give priority to Saudi artists.”

And he added in his post, “I refused 4 million dollars in return for showing my play (Khibtna) in the Riyadh season in protest against the work under the slogan (entertainment). I assured the officials of the Riyadh season that I am ready to show my play for free, but under a slogan other than entertainment.”

In turn, Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed responded to Sobhi’s post with a tweet in which he said, “Is there a sane person who can question Egypt’s technical leadership? Egyptian art has affected the conscience of all Arab peoples. Umm Kulthum held concerts in Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan and Kuwait, and presented fine art and was treated with what It deserves appreciation and respect.. and no one said that it came as (entertainment)!!”

The controversy intensified after a tweet by the head of the General Authority for Entertainment, Turki Al-Sheikh, in which he said, “By God, I know the one who offered millions to a prophet. We will reveal his mental strength.

Tawfiq Al-Khalifa, in his response to Prince Sobhi’s tweet, accused the artist of failure, and said, “I respect your opinion, may God bless you, but in my opinion he is just a pretender and there is no work that has a fingerprint. Some failures in the field of comedy control it.” Turki Al-Sheikh responded to Tawfiq by saying, “He is my character, brother Tawfiq.”

Commenting on what happened, Khaled warned against provoking strife between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and he tweeted, “Oh Turk, occupy the committees to assassinate Muhammad Sobhi morally and psychologically. He will not succeed, and we will not allow it. Before that, you tried to sabotage sports in Egypt and now you want to sabotage art, for the benefit of all of this? O Turk? The only thing you will succeed in this way is to stir up strife between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.”

Abdullah Al-Mohammed defended Sobhi and described him as the author of the letter. He said, “Mohamed Sobhi, I see that the artist has a right to my comforts. Throughout our lives, we know the great artist, Mohamed Sobhi, who does not start laughing and comes out with a message, so surely he will not break what he built all and go to remain my entertainment, I think if You canceled the entertainment authority and let it follow the culture, so it will be much better.”

In turn, Mohamed Hassan, the captain of artists, demanded to intervene to stop the attack on Sobhi, so he wrote, “Where is the captain of artists from the attack of Turki Al Sheikh Ali Mohamed Sobhi? Where are the artists who defended Mona Zaki from Turki Al Sheikh’s attack on the artist Mohamed Sobhi?!”

Mahaba Al Hosani wrote, “First: The artist Mohammed Sobhi is a great artist and deserves more than 4 million. Second: He is free in his opinion, and his opinion is what upsets, and his words are true. The first is that you give Saudi artists a chance. They have the field, and yes, Egypt will remain the leader in art for life.”

Abdulaziz Al-Watban expressed his astonishment at Sobhi’s talk that he is not “my entertainment.” He tweeted, “I am surprised that the actor Muhammad Sobhi says that he (not my entertainment)! People attend your plays for entertainment, you (my entertainment) are not a doctor! But for entertainment they are also (entertainment) and for a fee, and the party that attracts them is called the Entertainment Authority, not the Engineers Authority.”

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