Are we witnessing surprises in the Oscar nominations 2022? Here are the most important films competing for the Grand Prize

A few days remain until the Oscar nominations 2022, which is the most famous award in the world of cinema at the present time, although it is limited to a large degree in American cinema, with attempts by its organizers to change this image in recent years by supporting international films and the victory of the movie “Parasite” with an Oscar Best movie in two years.

The Oscars 2022 films are the most important films shown in 2021, which is a very rich cinematic year, as all the films that were postponed in 2020 due to the spread of the Corona pandemic were shown during this year, so he suffered from the delicious artistic glut for sure for cinema lovers. In this article, we talk about the most important films of the Oscars 2022 that will compete fiercely for the Best Picture award.

Oscars surprises 2022

Despite being an award that is often said to be politicized, and it has fixed and firm rules that have lost some of its popularity in recent years, the Oscar may surprise the audience – from year to year – with unusual choices, for example entering the movie “Black Panther” in competition for the Best movie award as the first Marvel work to participate in this category, and the movie “Parasite” won.

This year, two similar surprises are expected to emerge. We may find the movie “Spider Man: No Way Home” in the list of films nominated for the Best Picture Award, which is Marvel’s surprise for this year, which became the highest-grossing cinematic in the post-pandemic period, and won the admiration of both the audience and critics. .

This film achieved a very difficult equation; He exploited the admiration of all current fans of the series, attracted millions of fans of the same character who remained loyal to other actors who previously played the role of Spider-Man, as well as creating a superhero epic with a limited number of these heroes, unlike works such as “End Game” that was filled with stars Here we are in front of “Spiderman”.

With a crowd of characters from the past to drain the nostalgia of the audience and critics to the last drop, there is a huge campaign on social networking sites, and from the Disney production company to enhance the film’s chances of being nominated for the Best Picture Award; You may actually succeed in the end.

Another surprise from the Oscars 2022 films is the nomination of the Japanese movie “Drive My Car” for the Best Film award, in addition to the best international film, directed by Ryosuke Hamaguchi, and it is certainly one of the most important films of the year, and it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Best Screenplay award. In addition to being presented in many international forums; Like the Cairo Film Festival, it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film.

He is expected to win the Oscar as well, but his nomination for the Best Picture Award will make him a difficult competitor for any American film in the competition, which could tip the scales and make two Asian films win the Best Picture award in less than 5 years, in a severe blow to American cinema that may anger a lot of major studios. surely.

Will a female director win this year, too?

In 2021, he won the award for best film, “Nomadland,” directed by director Chloe Chow, who also won the award for best director. Dog) won Best Film at the Golden Globes, Campion won Best Director at the London Film Festival, and she won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

The film is a “Western” and adapted from a novel of the same name, and it deals with the cruel world of the American West, through the story of a young woman and her teenage son when she marries the son of a rich family who runs a farm in the West, and it is difficult for her to integrate into this cruel masculine world and hidden conflicts begin between her and a brother. A husband who is full of toxic masculinities that harm him before they harm those around him.

Musical cinema is back

Two films of the musical genre will compete in the 2022 awards season, which is a major resurgence of the fading cinematic genre, which was popular from the 1930s until the 1950s, and then appeared in only a few films every few years.

In 2021, Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” was shown, a remake of a famous movie from the 1960s that treats Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in a modern way. The film won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy of the Year.

It is an even better treatment than the original by using representatives of different ethnic origins, and renewing it in some dances; Which brings the movie to life more than just a recent remake, and it definitely has Steven Spielberg’s return for awards season.

The other movie is “Tick tick BOOM” directed by the famous Broadway director Lin-Manuel Miranda in his directorial debut, a biopic starring Andrew Garfield as the late lyrical playwright Jonathan Larson, obsessed with his early death before arriving in Literary glory, he died already at the age of 35 before his plays actually became apparent, and Garfield won a Golden Globe Award for best actor for that role, and the film was nominated for the award for Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

These two films were nominated for the Best Picture Award, which would be the first since the movie “La La Land” was nominated in 2017, which almost won an Oscar already before it moved dramatically to the movie “Moonlight”.

Another Oscar-nominated movie in 2022 is “The Tragedy of Macbeth” directed by Joel Coen, another adaptation of Shakespeare. Will Shakespeare become a surprise Oscar this year?

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