Has the world order ended and another began to take shape?

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Professor at the Sorbonne University, Mohamed Heneid, ruled out a change in the world order, because the formation of a new power would take decades, just as the power of the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia was formed over a period of time.

In his speech to an episode of “The Opposite Direction” program, he added that the talk about the decline of American power and the rise of Russian and Chinese power through what is happening in Ukraine and Taiwan is incorrect, because the American military buildup today is on the borders of Russia and China, and not the other way around.

He added that the transformations that occur in global powers are still in the interest of American power and not others, stressing that many countries are still under American protection, including Germany, and the current American strategy is working to keep the sources of power without attrition, as happened with it in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even leave the scene for the rising powers to drain it.

On the other hand, political researcher Hazem Ayyad said that America has begun to decline since the sixties of the last century, especially in the economic field, where the American gross product represented 50% of global output and has declined until it is now about 23%, and this decline comes in contrast to the rise of the Chinese, East Asian and even European .

He added that the American decline in military power represented the withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, pointing out that Russia was working to restore its strength through what he called a strategic awakening, especially after America began working to eliminate the sources of power through the revolutions that broke out in several regions, including Russia.

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