Video: Brazilian referee hits opponents with a pistol

The referee of a futsal match in southern Brazil used a pistol to hit players after they objected to his performance after the end of a match between two local teams in the state of “Rio Grady do Sul”.

The assault of the referee – who is also a policeman – injured a number of players in the face and head, while the cameras documented the incident because the match was broadcast live on the air.

The match commentator criticized the scenes of violence by the referee and threatening players with weapons, considering it an unfortunate scene for Brazilian sport.

One of the players filed a complaint with the local police, which led to an investigation with the referee and charges of physical assault, death threat and misuse of a weapon.

Users of social networking sites and media in Brazil interacted with the event, as they transmitted the video clip and expressed their displeasure and shock at the referee’s behavior, while others demanded his suspension from working in the police and arbitration.

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