After writing a publication on the anniversary of the January revolution… the disappearance of a member of the Egyptian Constitution Party after his arrest

Egyptian activists demanded the disclosure of the fate of Haitham Al-Banna, a member of the Egyptian Constitution Party, after he disappeared following his arrest on Sunday, January 30th.

Shaima Al-Banna, Haitham’s sister, said in a Facebook post that the Egyptian security forces arrested him from his home, and he has not appeared yet, after a post he wrote about the January 25, 2011 revolution on its 11th anniversary.

Shaima explained, in her post, that a security force took him from his home on Sunday and until this moment he is hidden and nothing is known about him, noting that his mother is almost dead.

She said that the whole issue is that he wrote two posts on his page mentioning the January revolution, “Haitham Omar did not harm anyone. The most yearning and bravest person in the world… is very peaceful and loves good for people more than he loves himself.”

On the hashtag “Haitham Al-Banna Fein”, a number of activists expressed their anger at the continued pursuit of the participants in the January revolution, despite most of them completely abstaining from political work, and walking “in the air”, as they put it.

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