An Iraqi woman who suffered from ridicule and bullying because of her stuttering, and so I fought her

Baghdad- With carefully thought out movements and oral exercises, Janan Abdel Karim, 29, performs in front of a group of trainees one of her most important tasks in life.

Janan, who has suffered throughout her life from stammering and stuttering, was able today to run a project of her own, to combat stuttering, she told Al Jazeera Net, because “stuttering” is a harmful condition that will destroy the life of its owner, and make him live in the shadows if he does not transcend it or coexist with it.

While Jenan trained the trainees in her workshop to put the pen between their teeth and talk, she tells Al Jazeera Net her story with stuttering, when she was only 9 years old. To complete one sentence without interrupting and stuttering.

Janan explains to Al Jazeera Net that at that age she did not know what the difficulty of pronunciation and stuttering was, and whether she was the only one who was difficult for her to speak or was it normal among humans until her words became a rich material for the students’ ridicule, and their continuous laughter in her way of speaking, at that time she realized that what Happening with her is not normal.

Janan is trying hard, through her workshops, to focus on the psychological aspect of the stutterers (Al-Jazeera)

shocking childhood

Janan tells Al Jazeera that her childhood and adolescence were very difficult and isolated, so she was unable to make friends and play with children, and she also avoids talking, lest she put her heart in embarrassing situations, until she became afraid and weak all the time.

“I was content with hugging myself and crying under the seat at school because I was suffering from constant torment, and I did not know how to get rid of it, a torment that continued with me even during the university period,” Jinan continues.

She recalls her relatives’ attempts to help her, to no avail, that when they found her stumbling in front of their children, they tried to help her by scaring her.

“Whenever I uttered a word in front of them and stuttered, they would deliberately frighten me, thinking that by intimidating and terrifying me this situation would go away from me, but they did not realize that it was increasing, and the more it increased, the more innovative ways of ridicule, bullying and defamation with others increased,” Janan says.

Attempts to survive

Attempts to get rid of stuttering began in Janan’s life, after she graduated from the Institute of Technology, Information and Libraries Department, so she wanted to challenge herself, and start the stage of getting rid of the obstacle of talking with others, by entering Al-Farabi College – specializing in media / radio and television journalism, because the media is related to the sound .

She thought that through study exercises, she would cross some steps, after she reached a stage in which she completely rejected herself, due to what her stuttering had done to her, depriving her of her presence among people, and of becoming part of them.

“Whenever I read a poem between myself and myself, I would prolong it for more than 3 hours. I wanted to reduce my reading time and make it no more than a few minutes,” Jenan added.

Janan rose up, and decided to fight stuttering, even if it required treatment for a long time, because in her early years she had difficulty speaking, but the situation developed with her over time until she completely lost speech after graduating from the institute, even her name did not know how to pronounce it, all kinds of letters and words were very difficult for her.

“I was afraid someone would ask me something and I wanted to cry because something wanted to come out of my mouth, and I couldn’t pronounce it,” Janan expresses her anguish.

Janan suffered for many years from stuttering until she decided to fight itJanan says that stuttering turned her life into hell, so she decided to fight it (Al-Jazeera)

Internet first

Ways of learning and controlling the pronunciation of the tongue, Jenan learned through the Internet while she was receiving her education at the university, when she decided to search for a “treatment or solution” to the problem, only to discover that there are “ways to control stuttering” and there is no cure.

Janan found many special exercises that enable her to gradually control the exits of the letters, the way of pronouncing the tongue and pronunciation, and this required her for 6 years of isolation even among her peers during the university period, because any situation that would happen to her during her education would bring her back to the zero point, so she preferred to be alone. In order to rehabilitate her tongue to speak again, some of her teachers helped her accept stuttering to overcome it.

Fight stuttering

An idea led her to create her own project “Fighting Stuttering” for those like her, after she gave a workshop for 3 months in a middle school, and the first lecture was the most difficult in her life, as she stuttered all the time, I was afraid of their looks, then she discovered that there are some who stutter in The workshop, one of them did not want to speak, and he was the one who inspired her to establish her project.

Jenan wanted to convey the voice of each stuttering person, isolated and buried inside his own shell, to society and people, and to stop bullying and laughing at them, and using them as a material for mockery in daily life, even in soap operas and programs, as if it were normal.

Janan explains that everyone who was able to enter the workshops that she presented as part of the “Fight Stuttering” project was surprised by how this problem had a solution without medication, so they were excited to attend the lectures and apply the exercise steps, including the rib breathing exercise, which depends on holding the breath before pronouncing the letter, then uttering The person the word or sentence he wants to say, then he exhales.

She adds that this process helps, over time, to control vocabulary that is difficult to pronounce.

Through her project, which she started by making videos, Jenan was able to spread awareness about stuttering, through her personal page on the communication sites, and after that, she presented many workshops and trained dozens of people to get rid of, and above all, as it turned out, shame and fear, This is because the psychological factor has the greatest impact and control over the stutter.

Ahmed succeeded in accessing Jinan's workshops and lectures to get rid of his stutter through the InternetHikmat succeeded in accessing Jinan’s workshops and lectures to get rid of his stutter through the Internet (Al-Jazeera)

set an example for others

The trainee student, Ahmed Hekmat, has been suffering from stuttering since his childhood, despite his constant attempts to get rid of it, to no avail due to the bullying and harassment he was subjected to throughout his twenty years.

Hekmat says, “I got to know Jenan’s courses through social media, after I entered a severe depression because of my acceptance to the Faculty of Languages-German. I searched for the world of the stutterers and found them. .

With time, Ahmed became more receptive to the state of stuttering, and because he is different from people, he loved football, but he left it because of fear and shame, and he returns to it today again and exercises himself in front of everyone without hesitation.

And he talks to Al Jazeera Net about the exercises, saying, “Jinan urges us, with great love, with her exercises, to put the pen between our lips, and to say “woo yi wu””, which helps to exercise the jaw, or open the mouth as much as possible and then raise the edge of the tongue as if it reaches the roof of the throat while staying in it Putting it in for a few seconds, then taking out the tongue as if it wants to touch the chin, and staying there for a few seconds, repeating this several times.

Psychologist Walaa Al Mousawi, believes that anxiety and stress are two main factors for increasing stutteringAl-Moussawi believes that anxiety and stress are two main factors for increasing stuttering (Al-Jazeera)

Cause of stuttering

For her part, the psychologist, Dr. Walaa Al-Moussawi, explains that one of the causes – and perhaps most of them – stuttering is anxiety and tension, and it often affects the child specifically, after psychological trauma and anxiety will be greater than he can overcome, forcing him to resort to silence, which in turn becomes Primary key for stuttering.

Al-Moussawi points out that Jinan, for example, was able to know her weaknesses that make her stutter all the time, and the points are anxiety and psychological tension that often take a person to many psychological problems, which he cannot easily get rid of.

She assures Al Jazeera Net that the psychological factor and trying to calm down as much as possible, and start leaving the causes that lead to stress, will make the person able to control his stutter, and the more tense he becomes, the more afraid he is to talk.

She adds that Janan was able to limit her tension and anxiety and harness them to treat her stuttering, before the exercises, and that the idea of ​​gathering a number of trainees under one roof under her leadership, makes it easier for the stutterers to eliminate their stuttering and reduce it, because they will be able to talk calmly and relaxed more than they usually do with strangers who may be exaggerated Situation on them through ridicule and bullying.

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