His works were described as strength and luxury.. An international award for musician Hisham Nazih

Egyptian composer Hisham Nazih received a special award at the UK Film Music Awards (Movie Music UK Awards), which are the awards presented by the international music critic Jonathan Brookston, for the Orchestra of the Royal Mummies Transfer Procession, which was held on the 3rd of April, 2021.

In recounting the merits of Nazih winning the award, Brookston said that “the most impressive part of the concert was the orchestral composition that he presented, and it was wonderful, full of drama, strength and orchestral grandeur.”

He added, “The show included original music composed by the Egyptian film composer Hisham Nazih, as the performance of the music coincided live with the procession, and one piece of music contained many clips.”

The ceremony featured chants sung by the ancient Egyptian soprano Amira Selim, in addition to the song “The Chant of Isis”, whose words were borrowed from inscriptions on the panels of ancient Egyptian temples and the walls of Deir al-Shalouit temple in Luxor and from the book “The Dead”. The singers Reham Abdel Hakim and Nesma Mahgoub performed two original songs in Arabic.

Musician Hisham Nazih composed the musical performance during the celebration of the procession of the mummies to transport 22 mummies of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

He commented on his winning of the award on his official Facebook page and wrote: “Thank you to Movie Music UK for the special award… I was greatly honored to be included in such a list, and I was deeply touched by the wonderful review and kind words.”

world class

Hisham Nazih’s name is among a group of musicians around the world, who also received the UK Film Music Awards of the Year, where Mauricio Malinini won the Best Music Composition Award for the review film “Coppelia”, which was shown during the last session of the El Gouna Film Festival, and James Newton Howard, who won the Best Music Award for 2021 for “Jungle Cruise” and “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

Variety of music

Hisham Nazih’s winning of an international award crowned an artistic career he began in 1998 with his first composition of dramatic music in the movie “Hysteria”, and he drew attention at the time, despite his appearance in the presence of big names in the world of music.

Hisham Nazih was able to make a name for himself among the top musicians, and presented nearly 40 musical works in cinema and television dramas, including “The Ladder and the Serpent”, who released his music in an independent album after its success, and also presented the music for the films “The Magician” and “Stay Night”. .

Nazih also presented experiences for action films in the films “Tito”, “Welad Rizk”, and “Ibrahim Al-Abyad”, and he also presented “The Blue Elephant”, “The Originals”, “Aswar Al Qamar”, and “Arif”.

In the television drama, Hisham Nazih also presented “Sharbat Luz”, “The Seven Commandments”, “The Covenant of Permissible Speech”, “Afrah al-Qubba”, and “Every Week on a Friday”.

The first musician to win the Faten Hamama Prize

In 2018, Hisham Nazih was honored with the Faten Hamama Excellence Award from the Cairo Film Festival, to be the first musician to receive this award. He was also honored at the 30th Arab Music Festival in November 2021 in recognition of his musical career.

Last year, the Cairo Film Festival hosted him to lead a symposium for Indian composer AR Rahman, as part of the Cairo Film Industry Days activities.

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