Misleading the public: Israeli security officials question Bennett’s promises to protect “laser”

Israeli security officials questioned the veracity of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s statements regarding the start of using a laser-based missile interception system within a year, accusing him of “misleading the public.”

The Israeli “12” news channel quoted Israeli security officials as saying that Bennett’s statements were “casting dust in the eyes of the public.”

She added – quoting unnamed officials – that “the operation of the laser system will take a longer period, and we will continue to promote the process responsibly, but its operation will take several years.”

Israeli security officials noted that this system is supposed to complement existing defense systems such as Iron Dome, not replace them, Bennett said.

The “Times of Israel” website said that the Ministry of Defense has been testing the laser-based defense system for several years, and that it shot down a drone using it last year.

The site added that the downside of the laser system is that it does not work well in times of poor visibility, when there is thick cloud cover and harsh weather; That’s why the department also intends to install the system on an aircraft, which will help bypass this limitation by placing the system above the clouds, though that still requires a few years, Defense officials said.

The Israeli website pointed out that security officials – whose names were not revealed – criticized Bennett’s announcement, describing it as a “distraction”, and said that the laser system would not be ready for years.

Bennett brag

On Tuesday, Bennett boasted, in a speech at the annual conference of the Institute for National Security Research at Tel Aviv University, about the imminent establishment of a laser interceptor system around Israel.

Bennett made the announcement of this system a main theme in his speech to the conference, saying, “Within about one year, the Israeli army will introduce the laser interceptor system into service, and it will be installed first in the southern region (adjacent to the Gaza Strip), and then in other places.”

He stressed that the huge sums required for the development of the laser interception system will be available as a result of the rapid economic growth in Israel, and that the money that will be collected will be used to increase the military power.

“This buildup will allow the implementation of many important operations against Iran, will stop military confrontations in the region, and the security calm that will occur will allow the continued growth of the economy,” he said.

The Israeli Prime Minister added that this new generation of Israeli air defenses will also be used by our friends in the region, who are exposed to serious threats from Iran and its proxies.

Israel is currently using the missile defense system known as the “Iron Dome” to intercept the rockets launched by Palestinian factions from the Gaza Strip.

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