Radio play “Railway sunset mood”

Those buried cannot even agree that they were trapped by stones that blocked the exits to the left and right of a railway underpass after a landslide. “Are you a geologist?” one of the men asks the policewoman, who is also trapped, and repeatedly accuses her of being a representative of state power and brainwashing the population. Just because she just noticed the obvious, namely that stones are blocking the way out of the underpass.

The author and director employs half a dozen people Richard Oehmann in his radio play train destruction mood to a community of destiny for a time. Only: These people absolutely do not want to be a community. Everyone has their own view of things, which they stylize into their own truth. All others are for everyone: liars, manipulators, twisters of facts. At best, two-way alliances are formed in which two people strengthen their feelings of superiority and look down pityingly on the rest of the “hopelessly uninformed”.

The liberation of those trapped is only partially successful – inside they remain prisoners

This story is told in flashbacks, those trapped have long since been freed – from the railway underpass, but not from their twisted, egocentric perception of the world. Everyone spreads them in a book. It is an absurd struggle for the authority to interpret what has been experienced. Also about your own importance.

Of course, Richard Oehmann chose something harmless with the rock fall, in which no one was hurt, to tell about social divisions. It’s not the big conspiracy tales of alleged microchip implantations for corona vaccinations or journalists who are told by the Chancellery what and how they have to report. At first hearing, one could accuse the author of playing down his farce with others Ilse Neubauer, Gerd Anthoff and Christmas Ronstedt, because it underplays the drastic nature of the problem.

The clever one and then also the clever one train destruction mood but that’s exactly what it is: It anchors the problem in everyday village life, in which one can no longer even agree that a stone is a stone. The spread of misinformation is not the perfidious work of dark forces, but the home-made willingness to break the fact-based consensus even in the simplest of contexts. And any attempt to ridicule that may amuse the listener. But Oehmann shows that you can no longer embarrass these stubborn people. Because there is nothing more that they would later feel embarrassed about in front of others.

train destruction mood, Bavaria 2, February 4, 2022, 9:05 p.m.

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