Wasta is Mama’s friend.. Two announcers reveal the secret of her work on Egyptian TV

Cairo- The two Egyptian media professionals, Youssef Al-Husseini and Mufida Shiha, sparked controversy through communication platforms, after they admitted that they entered the media field through the medium that facilitated them to obtain jobs in government media institutions.

Mufida Shiha – who was a guest of Al-Husseini on his radio program – said in response to a question about her beginnings in the media field, that she came through the means after her separation from her husband, explaining She entered the state TV building through her mother’s friend, as she was the cousin of the late famous anchor, Suhair El-Etreby, who held the position of Egyptian TV president before her departure.

Interestingly, Al-Husseini responded to Shiha, acknowledging that he also entered the world of media by means and by chance, and also through the famous broadcaster Sanaa Mansour, his mother’s friend, who suggested to her that she bring her son to undergo a camera test on state television in preparation for his employment.

Al-Husseini – who sparked controversy several months ago after bowing to the air to thank President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi – made it clear that he was working in a company and did not aspire to become a broadcaster, noting that he began presenting religious programs for children, astonished by the approval of his work as a broadcaster even though he was He suffers from a problem in pronouncing the letter R, and it took years to get rid of this problem in a large proportion, but not completely so far.

These statements sparked controversy on social networking sites, where some saw that they reflect the state of jobs in Egypt, and others said that there are those who are more worthy of them to top the screens at the present time, knowing that Al-Husseini and Shiha are not considered among the first-class stars in the Egyptian media.

Tweeters talked about the spread of unemployment among highly qualified young people, especially those with master’s and doctoral degrees.

Al-Husseini sparked another controversy last month after he announced on the air his illness and the possibility of being infected with the Corona virus, which many denounced and asked about how he mixed with his colleagues despite the constant warnings in the media that precautionary measures should be followed.

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