Palestine.. The PLO promises to take “decisive decisions” at the meeting of the Central Council and the boycott department is expanding

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Azzam Al-Ahmad, said that the Central Council will take “decisive decisions” in its session next Sunday, and the Palestinian National Initiative announced its withdrawal from the meeting.

Al-Ahmad (a leader in the Fatah movement) told Anadolu Agency that the Central Council of the Liberation Organization will discuss issues of the political relationship with the Israeli occupation state, the United States, Palestinian popular resistance, and reconciliation, stressing that the meeting will result in “decisions that will reorganize the Palestinian relationship on all sides.” levels”.

He added that the council’s preparatory committee completed all logistical arrangements, and distributed invitations to all members of the Central Council (142 members), and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will open the opening session with a comprehensive speech.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that the council’s work will continue over two days in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank.

Al-Ahmad said, “There are those who boycott the meeting, but they are calling for the implementation of its decisions. This is beautiful. There is what is useful from the council’s convening. Come to work together,” explaining that the council meets the political and legal quorum, despite the boycott of some.

Al-Ahmad indicated that the meeting is limited to members of the Council only, and that guests of honor will attend the opening session, however, no invitation has been sent to the Islamic Jihad and Islamic Resistance Movements (Hamas), as they do not recognize the Council.

The Fatah leader added that “after the council was convened and it was completed, we hope that there will be a dialogue that ends the division,” but added, “Whoever did the coup must turn back from him,” referring to Hamas.

international level

Al-Ahmad also said, “We want mutual recognition between us and Israel. The status quo cannot be accepted. Israel practices all forms of violence, killing and settlement, and we recognize it while it does not recognize us. This is unacceptable. We want an independent Palestinian state as stipulated by international resolutions.”

And the leader of the Fatah movement indicated that the council would discuss ways to strengthen the confrontation by “activating the Palestinian popular resistance in all the Palestinian territories,” stressing the existence of international consensus and support on the legitimacy of the popular resistance.

On the relationship with the United States, Al-Ahmad said that the US administration reiterated its promises, but this is not enough, calling for the opening of the US consulate in East Jerusalem, the opening of the PLO office in Washington, and the cessation of Israeli settlements in all Palestinian territories.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that the council will discuss the issue of Arab normalization with Israel, stressing the importance of the Arab Peace Initiative as it was presented without any modification.

District Council

On the other hand, the Palestinian National Initiative movement said yesterday – Thursday – in a statement – that “in the event of insisting on continuing to hold the Central Council without conducting the national dialogue, the National Initiative will not participate in it, out of respect for the popular will aspiring to reform the PLO.”

The statement called for postponing the meeting of the Central Council, pending the immediate start of a comprehensive national dialogue to prepare for its convening.

The National Initiative was founded in 2002 by prominent Palestinian figures, including the late Haider Abdel Shafi in Gaza City, and Mustafa Barghouti in the West Bank.

And last Sunday, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (the second largest faction in the Liberation Organization) decided to boycott the meeting of the Central Council, rejecting any steps that might deepen the division.

The Front warned – in a statement – of the danger of holding the meeting without consensus, as it represents a transgression of previous national consensus to arrange the Palestinian house and to hold comprehensive elections.

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