Save the child Fawaz Al-Qatifan.. Appeals and anger on the platforms after a Syrian child was tortured by his kidnappers

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The case of the kidnapped Syrian child, Fawaz Al-Qatifan, sparked a wide interaction on Arab social media platforms, after the gang that kidnapped him published clips of him being beaten and tortured, and demanded his family for a ransom.

The eighth bulletin – your publication (6/2/2022) monitored the interaction with the case of the child Fawaz through a campaign bearing the hashtag “Save the Child Fawaz Al-Qatifan”, through which activists expressed their sympathy with the child and his family, and demanded work to find him, and stressed the need for the concerned authorities to act in an appropriate manner. Quick and work to free him from the grip of his captors.

The campaign also demanded the rescue of Fawaz and the enactment of strict laws criminalizing such issues. In turn, the Syrian artist, Abdul Hakim Qetaifan, thanked sympathizers with the issue of the kidnapped child Fawaz in the city of Daraa, and sent a message to the Syrians that the family had not asked anyone to collect any amount of money so far, stressing that the family will end suffering in the coming days.

Activist Naderin Al-Abdullah accused what she called the gang of Assad’s executioners of being behind the kidnapping of Fawaz. She said, “The gang of Assad’s executioners that destroyed the country and plundered its resources, continues to withdraw people’s money in the most horrific ways. Every time a video of the child Fawaz appears before me, my mind stops from the severity of the scene, if we We are like this, so how is his family, he calls out your name, O God, “For God’s sake, don’t hit me. Help him, O God.”

In turn, activist Khalaf Muhammad confirmed that solidarity with the child Fawaz is part of the solidarity with the child Rayan, because humanity is one. Terrifying for a Syrian child being flogged in cold blood by his captors, and with every lash our hearts are flogged by force, our hearts burn for them.”

While Wassim Habashneh demanded to stop publishing the video to preserve the feelings of his family, he tweeted, “For God’s sake, no one is publishing the video of the child following Fawaz. Communication sites and feel their feelings.

The journalist Bandar Atif asked about the role of human rights organizations in this case. He said, “Where are the international human rights organizations that are unable to address the issue of the Syrian child Fawaz Qetaifan? It is as if they do not see the criminal video published by the gang that kidnapped him and tortured him to force his family to pay a ransom for his release!” Is the world incapable of holding these terrorist militias accountable?

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