Wall Street Journal: Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi are discussing new ways to protect the UAE from Houthi attacks

The American Wall Street Journal revealed that Israel and the UAE are discussing new ways to protect Abu Dhabi from Houthi attacks, including the purchase of advanced Israeli defense equipment, a week after Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the Emirates.

AndThe newspaper reported According to officials familiar with the discussions, a secret agreement was signed by two companies from the two countries last November to develop drones that can fend off Houthi attacks on the UAE.

The Wall Street Journal said that the agreement would put Israeli military equipment directly on Iran’s doorstep and reshape the security landscape in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal saw that it is not clear if he will sign an agreement on installing Israeli air defenses in the UAE soon.

The newspaper ruled out that Israel would supply the Emirates with the Israeli Iron Dome system, but indicated that it could benefit from components such as radar.

The newspaper considered that the public acceptance of Israeli military and intelligence support poses a dilemma for the UAE, which is looking to deepen relations with its new partner without antagonizing Tehran.

And the “Axios” website reported last Wednesday that a delegation from the Israeli Defense Ministry visited Abu Dhabi, and that the UAE informed the Israeli delegation of its need for assistance in the field of missile defense and countering drones.

The site added that Israel wants to help the UAE as much as possible without endangering sensitive technology that it does not want to share, noting that the two sides have been linked by a secret channel in the field of defense and intelligence for more than two decades.

This came in conjunction with the announcement of an Iraqi group, which calls itself the “Brigades of the Right Promise”, to strike 4 drones at facilities in Abu Dhabi, promising further attacks unless the UAE lifted its hand from interfering in the countries of the region, foremost of which are Yemen and Iraq, she said.

A week ago, the UAE Ministry of Defense announced that its air defense had intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile fired by the Houthis at Abu Dhabi, without causing losses, in conjunction with the Israeli president’s visit to the UAE.

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