Approved the road map for the next stage.. The Libyan House of Representatives accepts the candidacy of Bashagha and Al-Bibas to head the government

The Libyan House of Representatives, held in the city of Tobruk, accepted the nomination papers of Fathi Bashagha and Khaled Al-Bibas for the position of prime minister, and also approved a draft roadmap, which stipulates the election of a candidate to head the government in a session to be held next Thursday.

Council spokesman Abdullah Belhaq said that the text of the draft – which was submitted by the Road Map Committee – was approved unanimously, and includes 4 articles.

Blihaq explained – in a statement via Facebook – that the road map is based on holding the elections within a period not exceeding 14 months from the date of amending the constitutional declaration, which is required to implement the map.

He added that the Parliamentary Roadmap Committee should consult with its counterpart in the Supreme Council of State, to present the final version on the constitutional amendment, including “a precise definition of the articles required to achieve the electoral merit” within a framework not exceeding the specified time, provided that this is done within a maximum period of one week, to vote on it. In conjunction with granting confidence to the government.

The spokesman for the House of Representatives indicated that a session will be held to vote on choosing a new prime minister on the tenth of February.

Yesterday, the President of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri, called for consensus on a road map before discussing the amendment of the executive authority. He said that the House of Representatives bypassing the Supreme Council of State was a “leap in the air”.

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