Do you believe the expectations? .. Western officials: Russia invades Ukraine February 20

Moscow- Crazy talk, and to provoke panic! With these words, Dmitriy Polyansky, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, described what was published by the “Washington Post” and said that it was intelligence and military assessments indicating that Russia was close to completing preparations for what appeared to be a large-scale invasion of Ukrainian lands, according to the newspaper’s description.

The Russian diplomat’s words came in the context of the response as well, to what this American newspaper reported, about estimates of losses in the event of a war between Russia and Ukraine, and said that up to 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers, 10,000 Russian soldiers, and about 50,000 civilians would be killed as a result.

This comes one day after the US Bloomberg Agency published a headline about a Russian invasion of Ukraine, before deleting it, in an incident that Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described as exceeding all possible limits of morality.

The agency explained what happened by preparing the headlines for many scenarios in advance, and (the newspaper) mistakenly published the headline “Russia invades Ukraine”, declaring that it deeply regrets this mistake.

Since last fall, the United States has been warning Europe about plans it says Russia has drawn up to invade Ukraine, which Moscow vehemently denies. And Kiev itself says that the threats from Russia have never become greater.

animated dates

In an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Colonel Reserve Victor Baranets, an analyst for military affairs in the newspaper “Komskolskaya Pravda” said that those who follow the Western and Ukrainian media notice that they have several times set different dates for the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Initially, the period between January 15 and February 15 was set, before the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced that the date of the Russian attack would be on the 20th of this month.

After the Olympics

Baranets, a member of the Social Council of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Military Industrialization Committee, revealed that he personally called the soldiers in Kiev, asking them about the reason behind setting this date for the start of the war. They only said that it was Chinese President Xi Jinping who requested this from his Ukrainian counterpart. Volodymyr Zelensky, for not spoiling the Winter Olympics in China.

The Russian colonel wonders: If, for months, Western and Ukrainian officials, along with their media, have been talking about an alleged aggression against Kiev, and calling on Russia to stop the escalation, how do they explain the arrival of 9 American military planes so far to Kiev loaded with weapons?

He explains that behind the “dust” of this media bombardment and inflaming emotions, two tasks are being carried out, the first: flooding Ukraine with weapons, and the second: strengthening control over the European continent, strengthening the infrastructure and making it more powerful, contrary to Russian security requirements.

Russian forces exercise in Rostov on February 2 (Reuters)

Behind the scenes.. an economic war

The Russian colonel added that he did not support the idea that Washington was trying to push Ukraine into a clash with Russia. In his opinion, there is another task that is being worked on, which is purely economic, because behind the atmosphere of media escalation and raising fears and feelings of panic stands a major economic war.

He asserts that the task is to control the North Stream-2, to stop the arrival of Russian gas supplies to Europe. In this way, Putin is being deprived of his most important weapon, as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said frankly.

playing with fire

According to him, if a war begins with Ukraine, the catastrophe will ensue in Europe as well. The old continent undoubtedly does not want a “storm” in it, and understands what a war with a nuclear superpower with an army of millions of soldiers means.

On the reasons behind the US forces’ deployment yesterday to Europe, he explained that this was a “malicious step”. US forces headed to Poland to divert Russia’s attention from Ukraine. In the event that Kiev begins an attack on the Donbass region, Washington will launch military provocations against Kaliningrad, the golden target of NATO, which fears the enormous strength of this Russian defensive line. In this way, it is an attempt to lure Russia to fight on several fronts, according to the strategy of tearing up these fronts.

On the significance of setting the date of February 15 for Russia to start the war against Ukraine, as reported by the Washington Post, the colonel replied: Because it is the same date as the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, and at the same time, the date of the memory of Russian fighters who died while participating in hostilities outside the country after World War II. In fulfillment of the international obligations undertaken by the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation to provide military assistance to friendly countries.

Accordingly, a member of the Social Council of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Military Industrialization Committee believes that promoting this date is part of the psychological war game, to convince the Western public, not only of the fact that there is an intention to war against Ukraine, but also of the existence of historical indications to determine its date.

China in the targeting circle

The Russian colonel also drew attention to the Chinese factor, and that many of the messages – which many believe are directed to Russia – also refer to China.

There are significant interests of Beijing in Ukraine, which may be damaged in the event of a war. Biden banned his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky from traveling to China, who himself had hinted that he wanted to meet Putin during the Winter Olympics there, but he did not, and missed the opportunity, simply because Zelensky succumbed to American pressure.

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