Financial Times: China and Russia’s high-speed weapons threaten the US early warning system

China and Russia conducted hypersonic missile tests in the summer of 2021, which threatens the United States’ early warning system, according to an American expert.

Russia has tested its nuclear-powered, supersonic “Skyfall” cruise missile on the Arctic Ocean island of Novaya Zemlya, says William Schneider, principal investigator at the Hudson Institute. As a nuclear-powered missile, the missile has an unlimited range.

As for China, it conducted two flight tests of hypersonic ballistic missiles, one of them flew in partial Earth orbit on a maneuvering path to the target area in China, and the second flew in a maneuverable path, but launched a second hypersonic object, which China has not preceded anyone in.

The researcher says that the American media and the Arms Control Commission tried to downplay the importance of these tests, describing what Russia had done as an act that did not care about environmental damage, but rather as a “flying Chernobyl”, but they considered that China “did not bring anything new” in what it did.

The American Ballistic Missile Early Warning System is a group of integrated satellites and radars, with a special command, control and communications system that enables it to detect, locate and track enemy missile attacks.

unjustified disregard

But the writer, who previously served as undersecretary of state and chair of the Defense Science Council at the Pentagon, noted that such reactions ignored the importance of such capabilities in the nuclear modernization efforts of both China and Russia.

added in Article Maneuvering hypersonic vehicles is not just another means of delivering a nuclear warhead to a target, says the Financial Times, but is an essential part of the “system of systems” designed to defeat US early warning capabilities.

The former foreign agent pointed out that the US ballistic missile early warning system is a group of integrated satellites and radars, with a special command, control and communications system that enables it to detect, locate and track hostile missile attacks.

Taken together, he explained, these interconnected capabilities are essential to maintaining an effective nuclear deterrent, noting that they were so fundamental to mutual deterrence during the Cold War that the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty included provisions intended to protect it from attack.

Both China and Russia have advanced offensive capabilities in space, according to the writer, who points out that in late January, for example, the Chinese satellite Shijian 21 (CJ-21) had disappeared from its usual position in the geostationary orbit on Earth. The height of 35 thousand and 410 kilometers above the Earth.

The former head of the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board states that the Space Priorities Framework – published by the administration of President Joe Biden in December 2021 – emphasizes that space is important as “crucial in modern warfare.”

But he deplored Washington’s continued adherence to its position not to use space for offensive military applications, which “leaves our deterrent weak against countries that do not share this view.”

The principal investigator at the Hudson Institute added that Washington is developing a space system that uses advanced infrared sensors that may be able to detect maneuvering hypersonic warheads.

China and Russia can launch a variety of offensive operations, including disrupting, spoofing, destroying, or injecting malicious code using cyber-powered satellites, sensors, computer systems, data links and electrical power.

offensive space operations

However, the writer says, the current missile defense systems do not allow the Americans to confront these maneuvering warheads at the appropriate speed, and China and Russia have developed counter systems that endanger US space surveillance and communications capabilities at low, medium and high altitudes.

By maneuvering their satellites for offensive space operations adjacent to American satellites, the author says that China and Russia can launch a variety of offensive operations, including disrupting, deceiving, destroying or introducing malicious code to sensors, computer systems, data links and electrical power to the satellites. using cyber technologies.

The writer also warned that these two countries could augment their aforementioned attacks with cyberattacks targeting critical US infrastructure, which is the basis of US military operations, as well as the electrical power system, national communications, and air and rail transportation systems that support the economic and military power of the United States.

He concludes by noting that (in the presence of) the maneuverability capabilities of China and Russia’s hypersonic missiles that make the two countries able, by combining their strength to defeat the American early warning system, and under these conditions, the United States will be unable to see any attack Incoming foreign missiles, and their ability to respond will be greatly restricted, according to the writer.

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