It was revealed by an investigation by Al-Jazeera.. Libya arrests a main suspect of robbery of the funds of the Central Bank in Sirte

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The Libyan authorities in the city of Bani Walid (180 km southeast of Tripoli) arrested Saeed Al-Tarhouni, one of the main suspects in the case of theft of the Central Bank funds in the city of Sirte (450 km east of Tripoli), which was revealed by the “Zero Distance” program broadcast by Al-Jazeera .

The “Zero Distance” program, which was broadcast on Friday evening, revealed details of the largest armed robbery of the Central Bank of Libya in 2013, and provided – through exclusive documents and certificates – information about the network of those involved in the operation.

The investigation showed that those seized funds amounting to 53 million Libyan dinars, in addition to 12 million and 800 thousand dollars, and 5 million euros.

The investigation also revealed the extent of the damage incurred by the Libyan banking sector over the past 8 years, due to the robbery incident in the city of Sirte.

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