Two days after he was pulled out of the well, the funeral of the child Rayan in his hometown in northern Morocco

Today, Monday afternoon, the funeral of the child Rayan, who died after falling into an abandoned well, took place in the Zawia cemetery near his hometown in the village of Igran, Chefchaouen Province, northern Morocco.

The funeral was held in light of the precautionary measures in place in the country, with the continuation of the Corona pandemic, while the manifestations of life returned to normal in the village, to which thousands flocked during the past days.

The tragedy of Rayan (5 years) held breath and made millions in a state of extreme anticipation during the five days that took a complex process to reach him in the well, and his dead recovery – Saturday evening – left a wave of sadness and sorrow in Morocco and the world.

The child’s body was taken to the military hospital in Rabat, according to one of his relatives, but it was not officially announced whether he had undergone a medical autopsy.

Rayan fell into a well that had been dug in search of water in areas that suffer from a lack of water due to a decrease in rainfall.

Bulldozers in the village of Igran began filling in the pit and working to return large amounts of accumulated soil, in order to avoid any dangers to the residents of the village. The Moroccan authorities are also withdrawing the channels and pipes used in the rescue operation.

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