Yemen.. Battles continue in Haradh and the coalition accuses the Houthis of using the Sanaa airport

Yemeni military sources said that violent battles are still ongoing between the army and the Houthis in the city of Haradh, in Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen, while the Saudi-Emirati coalition said that the Houthis are using Sanaa airport and the port of Hodeidah for military purposes.

The sources added that the army launched a major attack to storm the besieged city in which the Houthis are holed up, who responded with artillery and missile shelling, and used booby-trapped drones to attack areas controlled by the army in the districts of Midi and Hiran in Hajjah Governorate.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera obtained pictures from inside the city of Haradh, showing some of the destruction as a result of the ongoing battles.

Military sources said that the Yemeni army forces were able to penetrate into several neighborhoods in the south and west of the city; However, mines planted by the Houthis impede their rapid progress.

The sources also reported that the Houthis launched an attack from the mountains east of the city of Haradh, to break the siege on their gunmen.

call to surrender

In parallel with the intensification of battles in Haradh, the commander of the Fifth Military Region, Major General Yahya Salah, called on the Houthis to surrender, stressing that they are completely surrounded in the city.

Earlier, sources in the Yemeni army had reported the killing of dozens of Houthi militants holed up in the city of Haradh as a result of artillery shelling and coalition raids.

The ignition of the Haradh front in Hajjah comes after the UAE-backed Giants Brigades regained the districts of Sailan and Bayhan, the last two strongholds of the Houthis in Shabwa Governorate (southeast of Yemen), and after the Houthis were expelled from several areas south of Ma’rib Governorate, which is east of Sanaa.

On the other hand, the Saudi-Emirati coalition said that the Houthis launched 4 ballistic missiles towards Haradh and the “Ahem Triangle” in Hajjah Governorate, noting that the Houthi missiles were launched from Hodeidah and Sanaa International Airport.

The coalition stressed that the Houthis’ military use of the Hodeidah port and Sanaa airport threatens regional and international security.

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