At the hands of the UN mediation… Why did the Sudanese forces’ initiatives fail to resolve the political crisis?

We can call December the month of initiatives in Sudan. After weeks of anticipating the results of the army commander’s actions, the National Umma Party presented a road map for a solution, which was preceded by the University of Khartoum professors also putting forward an initiative, which the People’s Congress joined with proposals under the name “Transition Measures.” Khartoum- Without […]

Abu Dhabi attacks.. Arab condemnation and Washington is cooperating with the UAE and Israel confirms its support.

Video duration 02 minutes 20 seconds 02:20 Many Arab and foreign countries condemned the attack that targeted the industrial area and the airport in Abu Dhabi, killing 3 people and wounding 6 others, while the Houthis claimed responsibility for this operation, which they described as qualitative. Saudi Arabia In response to the Houthi attack, the Saudi Press Agency reported that […]

Libya.. Guterres calls for elections to be held as soon as possible, and Aqila Saleh suggests drafting a consensual constitution

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Libyans to hold elections at the earliest, while The Libyan House of Representatives suspended discussion of the roadmap committee’s plan until today, Tuesday, and Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh rejected the current draft constitution. Guterres said, in a United Nations report delivered to the Security Council, that the Libyans “must now work together to […]

9 press conferences since taking office only .. Why is Biden worse than Trump in dealing with the media?

Washington – Washington Post opinion writer Dana Milbank surprised his readers on the 3rd of last December with an article that many commentators found strange, and under the title “Biden treats the media as badly as Trump or worse, and here is the evidence.” . Milbank used AI-based studies that analyzed more than 200,000 newspaper stories, and tens of millions […]