They left 26 dead and destroyed hundreds of homes..Two earthquakes hit western Afghanistan

Two earthquakes hit Badghis province in western Afghanistan along the border with Turkmenistan on Monday, killing at least 26 people, injuring others, and destroying hundreds of homes, amid expectations that the number of victims will rise in that mountainous province, which is also subject to heavy rains. Badghis state spokesman Baz Muhammad Sarwari said, “5 women and 4 children were […]

Tunisia.. Military court releases two parliamentarians, France condemns security violence against journalists

Last night, the military court in Tunisia released the two deputies of the frozen parliament, Seif El-Din Makhlouf and Nidal Al-Saudi, after about 4 months of their arrest, while France condemned the use of violence by Tunisian security against journalists during the demonstrations that took place on the anniversary of the revolution. Video clips showed both Makhlouf and Al-Saudi – […]

Realistic stories told by immigrants.. this is what German personal status law did to Arab Muslim families

Haitham Al-Maleh: The German judiciary does not recognize Sharia courts, and therefore we will not see a Sharia judiciary specific to Muslims, but rather they are working to integrate refugees, and integration in its reality means abandoning the Sharia foundations on which the Muslim family was built. Berlin- The forced asylum situation imposed on the Arab Muslim refugee to deal […]

An eruption occurs once every thousand years .. Why was the eruption of the Tonga volcano so violent? What are the expectations of scientists?

All signs indicate that the supervolcano is active again, but it remains unclear whether this is the peak of the eruption or if we haven’t reached the peak yet. in a article Published in “The Conversation” on January 15, Shane Cronin, Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Auckland, reviewed the events of the eruption of the Tonga supervolcano, […]