The Pentagon confirms sending light weapons to Ukraine and excludes the deployment of forces, and Russia renews its rejection of confrontation and NATO expansion

Washington announced that it will send light weapons to Ukraine, but it has ruled out deploying forces there, coinciding with diplomatic contacts it is conducting with European countries, and Russia has renewed its fears of the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), stressing that it does not seek confrontation. US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said that this […]

90 dead in two weeks .. Why did the conflict increase in Darfur after October 25?

Questions and answers The conflict erupted in the Jebel Moon locality, after an incident of looting of livestock, followed by an armed tribal gathering that ended with the killing of dozens, and the flight of thousands to the neighboring country of Chad. Warnings were issued about the danger of the official authorities sending forces consisting of elements belonging to the […]

Two weeks before the Libyan elections, the “Supreme State” proposes to postpone it and members of the Political Forum demand international intervention to protect it

9/12/2021–|Last update: 9/12/202103:53 AM (Mecca) Controversy is growing over the conditions for organizing the parliamentary and presidential elections in Libya, two weeks away from their date, and while the Supreme Council of State called for it to be postponed, members of the Political Forum called on the United Nations to intervene to prevent obstruction of the elections. The Libyan High […]