National Interest: Is America losing a war against China over Taiwan?

The National Interest magazine said:The National InterestThe American era of military superiority is over, wondering if this fact will make the assumption that America will lose any possible war in the future against China because of the island of Taiwan. The magazine reported – in a report By Graham Allison, an American writer and academic at Harvard University, current Deputy […]

Chelsea shave, Liverpool stumble, Manchester City lose.. an exciting round in the Premier League

30/10/2021–|Last update: 10/30/202107:24 PM (Mecca) Brighton obstructed Liverpool’s progress in the English Premier League, and grabbed a precious 2-2 draw with it today, Saturday, in the tenth stage of the competition, which also witnessed Chelsea’s victory over Newcastle by three goals, and Manchester City’s loss against its guest Crystal Palace with two clean goals. At “Anfield”, Liverpool failed to pass […]