The Triumph of Modernity and the Transformations of Christianity… Is Catholicism Suffering from the End of Death?

In the wake of the revelation of massive sexual abuse of children in French churches, the religious affairs official of the newspaper asked:Le Point(le point) French: Does Catholicism still have a future? Is this the end of Christianity? At the beginning of his treatment of these two questions, the writer Jerome Cordley recalled the article published by historian Jean Delemo […]

Do not judge before you know.. An Egyptian young woman recounts her suffering with Tourette’s syndrome, which causes embarrassment to its owners

The easiest thing to do is to accuse a child of being impolite and not learning good behavior, perhaps because he throws a little hit his classmate without realizing, or perhaps because his tongue quickly throws insults, or because he never pays attention to his movements, and gives him reactions Not suitable. However, perhaps we should not rush to judge […]

His agent compares him to an expensive handbag. Have the negotiations to renew Salah’s contract with Liverpool reached a dead end?

23/10/2021–|Last update: 10/23/202109:52 PM (Mecca) Ramy Abbas – Mohamed Salah’s agent, the Liverpool star – sparked widespread controversy after hinting at the desire of several European clubs to sign him, while an English writer mentioned that negotiations had reached a dead end because of Abbas’ desire to double Salah’s weekly salary. “Some people are standing in line in the cold […]