Because of the tilt of the Earth’s rotation axis 12 degrees.. Italy was near the equator 84 million years ago

with true polar wandering; The Earth’s surface is tilted, and these crustal rocks store this change in magnetic record data as they move. in a recent study Published in the journal Nature Communications and referred to by the websiteScience Alert(science alert) – An international team of researchers has proven that the Earth was spinning off its axis in an event […]

Foreign Policy article: Why won’t the Abraham accords bring Israeli-Palestinian peace?

30/10/2021–|Last update: 10/30/202112:57 PM (Mecca) “Why won’t the Abraham Accords bring Israeli-Palestinian peace?”Foreign Policy), noting that regional cooperation did not lead to peace at the Madrid Conference in 1991 and will not lead to it today. Dalia Dasa Kay stated that US President George HW Bush, after his victory in Iraq in 1991, sought to translate US global hegemony into […]

In anticipation of the “millions” of October 30 in Sudan.. Closure of bridges and roads and calls to avoid violence and proof pledges not to suppress peaceful protests

Demonstrations took place in several neighborhoods in the capital, Khartoum, under the slogan of the October 30 million, which the Forces for Freedom and Change called for The Sudanese security authorities closed Airport Street in the capital, Khartoum, ahead of the start of demonstrations called for by the Forces of Freedom and Change – the Central Council today, Saturday, while […]

Against the background of Qardahi’s statements and the summoning of ambassadors, Aboul Gheit expresses his concern over the deterioration of Lebanese-Gulf relations

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, expressed his deep concern and regret at the rapid deterioration in Lebanese-Gulf relations, calling on the Gulf states to reconsider their measures to avoid negative effects on the Lebanese economy. An official source in the General Secretariat of the League stated that the crisis caused by previous statements by […]