Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud: WatchGuard integrates WLAN products in the cloud platform

Andreas Th. Fischer is a freelance journalist in the south of Munich. He has many years of experience as an editor in various IT specialist media, including NetworkWorld Germany, com! professional and ChannelPartner. His professional focus lies in the areas of IT security, networks and virtualization. With immediate effect, it is also possible with WatchGuard to manage the manufacturer’s WLAN […]

Ukraine asked for new weapons.. Putin accuses the West of overstepping “all borders” with its maneuvers in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the recent exercises conducted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the Black Sea exceeded all limits, and considered that the West was not taking his country’s warnings seriously enough. In a speech to foreign policy officials in Moscow, the Russian President indicated that the flight of NATO strategic bombers 20 kilometers from […]

New offers and user acceptance make streaming interesting for advertisers as well

The intensity of use in the streaming market has increased significantly in recent years. For example, the study “TV Streaming Report 2021” by the streaming provider Zattoo comes to the conclusion that two thirds of the respondents use TV streaming offers in up to 50 percent of their television time and 47 percent of the survey participants imagine that they […]

Amnesty: Climate conference betrayed humanity

Amnesty International says leaders at the Glasgow Climate Conference (COP26) have disastrously betrayed all of humanity by failing to protect the people most affected by the climate crisis. She added that they had given in to the interests of fossil fuel companies and other powerful companies. Commenting on two weeks of negotiations held by world leaders in Glasgow, Amnesty International […]