Espionage and arrest.. An investigation reveals France’s assistance to the Sisi regime over the years

The Surveillance Disclose website, which specializes in exposing scandals of the French armies, continued to publish leaks related to military-intelligence relations between Paris and Cairo. This time, the website revealed that a massive cyber surveillance system set up by three French companies with the approval of the French authorities helped the Egyptian regime in “the unprecedented acts of repression of […]

“The Psychiatrist Next Door” .. a series that tells a true story of a therapist who took advantage of his 29-year-old patient

Before completing 40 years, the American Martin Markowitz found himself responsible for the company of his parents, who had recently departed, and left him money and property estimated in the millions, but he could not manage it because of his weak personality; He became prey to exploitation by those around him, and when he resorted to a psychiatrist to help […]