Belarus proposes to Europe to open a corridor for refugees, and Poland arrests 100 who tried to cross its borders

The Belarusian presidency said that President Alexander Lukashenko suggested to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the European Union open a corridor for the crossing of 2,000 refugees to Europe, at a time when the crisis of asylum seekers continues at the Polish-Belarus border. The presidency added that about 7,000 refugees are spread over its territory, including 2,000 refugees on Poland’s […]

Corona virus.. European countries in the eye of a new wave, and Germany describes the situation as tragic

Only 68% of the citizens of the most populous country in Europe have fully received the vaccine; This is lower than the average in Western Europe due to the traditional reluctance to immunize, while only 5% of the population received a booster dose. Aggregated data showed that the total number of coronavirus (Covid-19) infections around the world approached 256 million […]

Reserve antibiotics in animal husbandry are becoming a problem

Antibiotics save countless lives every year. However, caution is advised when using them. Because the more an antibiotic is used, the more likely it is that resistant subtypes of the pathogen will develop. These then have an evolutionary advantage and spread accordingly quickly. It was therefore decided many years ago to keep certain antibiotics in reserve. These should only be […]

Network Basics: Clever network tools to download

For PC hobbyists, DHCP server, local and external IP or port forwarding have been common terms for 15 years. But networking has left the PC: Today, televisions, smartphones, game consoles and stereo systems also want to join the network. That makes our home networks more entertaining – and more complicated. Above all, however, today it is no longer PC freaks […]