A campaign in Qatar to support the Arabic language, and the Shura Council demands the activation of a law to protect it

Qatari Minister of State Hamad al-Kuwari stressed that “protecting the Arabic language is a protection for the cultural security of society, and that cultural and national security is no less important than political and economic security.” Doha A campaign was launched in Qatar to support and empower the language of Daad in society, emphasizing that any nation without a language […]

Iran goalkeeper: I am female and I am bullied

The Iran women’s soccer goalkeeper has vowed to sue the “bully” Jordan Football Association after accusing her of being a man. Zahra Kadi, 32, saved two penalties in a 4-2 penalty shootout win over Jordan in Uzbekistan on September 25, meaning that Iran’s women’s team qualified for the first time ever for the Asian Women’s Cup. It is noteworthy that […]

Price adjustment clause (with sample): How to make your IT contracts legally secure

Turning the price screw – no matter in which direction – should always be done under the specifications of the price adjustment clause.Photo: IhorL – shutterstock.com Calculating long-term IT service contracts (B2B and B2C) appropriately and correctly anticipating rising costs is very difficult in practice. This applies to software rental contracts, maintenance and support contracts as well as to cloud […]