Alistair is our winner!

Last week we announced Alistair as our grand prize winner in our news section, on our social media channels and via email.

 So why didn't he win the flat?!

So the long and short of it is - we sold 60,466 tickets and we raised a net cash prize fund of £120,166. We're hugely proud of selling this many tickets, but unfortunately it didn't really scratch the surface - we needed to sell £725,000 worth to trigger the raffle of the house! We did however, work incredibly hard over the past 4 months - blood, sweat and tears went into selling tickets ...... mainly tears. At the end of the day cash is king, and as a startup business we just didn't have the funds to spend on marketing and advertising to draw enough people to the site to buy tickets. 

It's also worth mentioning that the draw was witnessed by an independent solicitor who guarantees the authenticity and legitimacy of our raffle, which was done using a random number generator as per the T&Cs.

The fallback position

In our terms and conditions it is stated that, the funding for the grand prize will be derived from the entry fees received. Should the number of entrants not equal or exceed the grand prize value at the end of the completion term, the prize will be substituted with the amount of entry fees actually received, less an administrative charge to be retained by WinAbode and some money paid to charity! 

So how much did Alistair win?

Alistair won a cool £102,141.10. 

WinAbode will be giving Centrepoint £1,502.08!

So what now?

If you're not Alistair and you didn't win, we're really sorry you're not £100,000 richer! But don't worry. There will be more competitions, with better odds, so watch this space. 

And if you are Alistair, then the beers are on you!

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