This is Brian. Be more like Brian. He’s just won a phone for £2!

After playing our quiz and being a bit of a trivia whizz, Brian has bagged himself some amazing new tech.

The iPhone X was first released at the end of 2017, and it shows off what Apple regard as the future of smartphone technology. The wireless charging alone deserves a round of applause.

Brian, who correctly answered our quiz question is understandably pleased with his prize.

I don’t know if Brian is as addicted to his phone as I am, but if he’s anything like me he’ll get a lot of use out of his new prize. Whether it is texting, speaking to friends and family, internet usage, or perhaps gaming, he’ll never be short of options.

This was our first competition to win a phone, and it has proved incredibly popular, and understandably so.

The average person apparently spends 23 days a year on their mobile device, so that £2 ticket is starting to look like a really good investment.

We will give the rest of you many more opportunities to win a phone. Whilst we only offer you the chance to win an iPhone X, soon we will give you more opportunities to win a phone, and perhaps of the android variety.

So keep checking the site, your emails and social media for all of the latest updates! And good luck!