Meet our latest winner, Matt from London! He is our first ever Spot The Ball winner on Winabode! He won himself a brand new 55” Samsung 4K TV with a £2 ticket.

This brand new TV retails at over £900, so Matt was pretty pleased with his loot when we delivered it to him over the weekend!

This was a little different to our previous competitions. We provided a still image of someone playing a ball game (but using the powers of modern technology we removed the ball from the photo). Matt had to skillfully place a marker on the image where he believed the ball should be.

Our judge then reviewed the image and selected where he believed the ball should be placed. Matt was the closest person to our judge, and so he won the prize. Simple right!?

We’ve got more amazing prizes in the pipeline, across a wide range of categories. You will be able to win a holiday, win a tv, win a laptop, win diamonds, win all manner of luxury on!

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