We have another cash prize winner!

Congratulations to Pippa from Windsor. Just by answering quiz question correctly she won herself a tidy £1,000! Nice one!

We met Pippa in London to present her with her prize. Sadly Pippa’s handbag wasn’t big enough to fit in the novelty-sized cheque, but a major crisis was averted by a simple bank transfer. Panic over!

We asked what the cash prize might be spent on, and whilst Pippa wasn’t 100% certain, it might go on some new camera equipment (Pippa is a pro photographer) or perhaps a well deserved holiday.

Pippa has played on WinAbode since we first launched our site, so you could say she’s one of our early adopters. So it was extra nice to be able to hand over the cash to her when we met.

And we will continue to offer you and Pippa the chance to win cash each week, so make sure you’re in the draw to win the prize before we sell out!

Catch up with you soon!

Team WinAbode